What is Freemium?

The term Freemium is a combination of two words – Free and Premium. The business model is founded on the principle to provide free basic servers and only charge for additional services and content. In the online gaming industry, this model has done particularly well in recent years. Freemium games are generally free-to-play. However, if players wish to experience additional content or added features, then a small fee is required.

What does Freemium offer?

Freemium GmbH goes one step further than just offering freemium products and with software programs made in-house, sets a new standard. Our “Software Made in Germany” stands for quality and transparency. The products are easy to use, user-friendly, high-quality and always free without any restrictions.

What do the customers get?

The user will receive the most current and functional software – for free! The focus lies on the simple service, modern design and functionality. The user is the one in the forefront.