After many years spent building and leading digital companies at Covus, we have decided to move onto new exciting projects and ventures.

We are proud of what we have achieved in the span of less than a decade,
which can be summarized as follows:

Founded 25 companies across 15 different industries

Worked with 20+ different partners who helped fund and finance our ventures

Hired over 700 people

Overcame more than 1000 challenges

We are thrilled to have led a number of successful mergers and acquisitions. Companies and shares within the Covus holding have been sold to successful media giant groups; and a range of these companies have benefited from extremely high profits.

We at Covus feel that the time has come to apply the invaluable experience we have gained to develop innovative technology-led solutions that can help solve challenges within the industry.

Thank you for your continued support so far.

Sven Lubek & Markus Malti